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When it comes to Search Engine Rankings, we put you at the top.

As more businesses turn to the internet to promote their services, having that competitive edge has never been so important. From SEO rankings to effective social media campaigns, the Seven Infinity team has helped clients reach their objectives, utilizing sophisticated programs to generate traffic that converts to sales. Our experts make use of tried and tested strategies that provide effective, long-term results withstanding the changes that occur to the SEO algorithms.

Digital Marketing Tailored to You

  • Online marketing strategies

    Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business to determine which strategy will provide you with the best results. Utilizing a myriad of strategies, we help to generate leads, increase sales and improve your brand name in any market or niche.

  • Email marketing

    When conducted correctly, email marketing can be extremely effective. Our team will complete this whole process for you, creating enticing emails that bring in new customers without spamming potential clients. Short, concise and effective- just the way we like our results.

  • Online advertising

    In order to compete in the online market, an ad campaign is essential. Our team can help generate a comprehensive online advertising campaign that captures the attention of your audience and brings them directly to your site.

  • SEO positioning

    We will conduct an analysis of your niche and market to determine what factors will help you to rank at the top of Google Searches. This will include studying top competitors, Link Building and SEO auditing to ensure we provide you with the best results in accordance with the latest Google regulations.

  • Web development

    If you run a business without a website, it’s likely you will soon be left behind. We will develop a user-friendly website to provide your brand with greater visibility. Optimized with SEO and suitable for mobile devices, we will capture the attention of your audience and convert leads into sales.

  • Graphic design

    Within the first 2 seconds on your website, your client will determine whether or not they want to buy from you. We can create exciting, innovative designs that align with your corporate identity whilst simultaneously promoting your product to your target market.

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Why Work With Seven Infinity?

With many marketing agencies available in the market, why should you choose to work with us? Firstly, we have been operating in the industry from its early days. Our business has grown in alignment with market development, ensuring our team are always on top of the latest trends and industry insights. Throughout this time in the industry, we have developed a myriad of successful marketing strategies that can be applied to several business models and tailored to your needs as our client.

We offer only the best services to each of our clients, ensuring they are nothing less than satisfied with our results. Operating in accordance with all Google requirements, our professionals create the optimal strategy for your business, managing your digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. We’re not happy unless you’re completely satisfied with the service we have provided.

Our SEO Services

  • SEO Audits: Our team offers both SEO ON-Page & SEO OFF-Page audits identifying key areas that are in need of improvement.

  • Local SEO: If you run a local business, we can improve your online visibility, bringing local traffic to your site all of which will be within your geographical location.

  • International SEO: Looking to scale your business or reinforce your international position? Our team of experts can help you to do just that.

  • Content Marketing: Content is king. We can help improve your content, enhancing the visibility of your brand and improving your relationships with your customer base.

  • Link Building: We can create an effective link building campaign using natural links to generate traffic.

  • SEO Migration: SEO migrations provides you with that little extra security to give you peace of mind in a risky online market.

What is SEM?

SEM, also known as Search Engine Marketing, consists of paid search engine campaigns. It is designed to help enhance the visibility of a brand, website or particular product to increase sales. Unlike SEO, SEM requires payment directly to the search engine of your choice based on the number of clicks to your website. We help to create comprehensive strategies to optimize each click and generate profitable conversions.

Our SEM Services

  • Google Ads: Our experts can design and implement optimized campaigns to generate the highest possible return on investment. Making use of tried and tested methodologies, we will create profitable campaigns which are continuously modified to guarantee the best possible results.

  • Campaign Auditing: If you already have an SEM campaign running, but you are not achieving the results you wanted, our team can audit this for you, finding key areas for improvement and making all relevant modifications.

  • Red Display Campaigns: These campaigns use the Google Display network to reach your target audience. We can conduct an in-depth audience study in order to create a segment in the market in which you can produce the highest possible number of sales.

  • Remarketing Campaigns: Our remarketing campaigns are designed to get the very best results out of each visitor. If a user leaves your site without making a purchase, we can ensure they see your product a second time to entice them into making a sale.

  • Google Shopping Campaigns: Google provides you with the opportunity to make a sale anywhere around the globe. We can design a specially tailored campaign to bring you the right traffic and enhance sales for your eCommerce store.

  • YouTube Campaigns: YouTube continues to grow year upon year. You can take full advantage of this growth with your very own YoutTube Campaign. We can make sure you reach your buyer directly, producing a high rate of user engagement and converting leads into sales.

The World At Your Fingertips

With internet marketing, you can reach any location around the globe with our campaign. Contact now and find out how our team of experts can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Digital marketing provides you with the opportunity to sell to buyers over the internet. Making use of complex algorithms, our team ensures that your products/ services are directly marketed to your end consumer to improve conversions and overall sales.

We offer a range of specialized campaigns on social media platforms. Predominantly focusing on Facebook and Instagram, we create campaigns tailored to your business, ensuring that we effectively target and engage with your audience.

Whilst it is not essential to have a blog on your website, a blog has a range of benefits. It can provide you with the opportunity to build up a following of like-minded consumers, who will engage with your content. This provides you with free feedback and can give you inspiration for future ideas.

As the global market becomes more competitive the need for SEO is growing. It will allow you to rank higher in search engines, ensuring that your website shows up higher on Google. If you’re not ranked on the first page, your overall visits will be significantly lower.

Conversion Is Key

We produce campaigns directly targeting your audience.

We Make Use Of Engaging Content To Maximize Engagement

Modern SEO is focused entirely on the consumer experience. In the past a few keywords and tags would allow you to rank in Google, however this is no longer the case. This is why we make use of intelligent, interesting and engaging content ensuring your customers enjoy their time on your website. Combining quality offers with a call to action, we make sure your consumer not buys your product, but enjoys the process of doing so.

Whilst any site can add a few keywords to their page, we make sure your page is optimized to promote excitement, participation and most importantly, brand loyalty. As the market becomes more competitive, it’s crucial you succeed in this every time. With our content and in-depth analysis, you can rest assured that your customers are receiving the very best experience.

We Utilize Detailed Performance Metrics.

Numbers don’t lie. This is why our team continuously focuses on the numbers game to enhance your ROI. We conduct in-depth analysis to double down on each campaign, providing you with continuous tweaks and improvements to generate the best results.

Comprehensive Reporting Methods

Rather than providing you with pages of graphs and statistics, we want to make sure you actually understand what is in front of you. We provide you reports that break down the numbers for you, showing how your campaign has influenced your business and going into depth about any changes we plan on making. Our reports include but are not exclusive to:

  • Detailed keyword ranking analysis

  • Reviewed and approved content

  • Detailed link analysis

  • Social engagement analysis

  • Mobile/desktop usage patterns

  • Consultation regarding strategies and results

Blog Management

If you’re looking to improve the content on your website, our professional writers can help you to do just that. We can produce engagement, useful content that engages with your audience. We are able to write for several different niches, ensuring that each article we produce provides you with the best feedback from your customers. You focus on your operations and we can take care of your content.

When it comes to SEO, we put you first.

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