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At Seven Infinity we are dedicated to creating fantastic commercial jingles with catchy book lines and fun melodies- we’ll have your whole audience singing to your songs!

We will begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of your product/ service to discover your USP that differentiates you in the market. Once we have unlocked this secret, we will use it as leverage so your consumers don’t forget what you have to offer.

We make sure that each melody we create not only engages with your consumers, but we will also create a hook that your customer will remember. This phrase will remain in the mind of your consumer, promoting your product even after your video/ audio is finished. As a result, your jingle will help to improve sales and overall awareness of your brand.

Each one of our clients has the opportunity to enjoy a variety of production options and products carefully chosen by our team of experts. We offer everything from spot radio, print campaigns and marketing and advertising strategies to custom sound effects, professional speakers and voice over services, ensuring we can cover any service you need from our team.

Voice Over Talent

Each one of our clients has the opportunity to enjoy several audio services that can help them achieve the perfect sound for their media production. This includes VR audio, video voice over, game voice over and our most in-demand service, our voice over talent services. With this service, our team will help you to cast and record the perfect candidate for your production, completing the work with professional mixing. Simply sit back, relax and let our studio team take care of everything for you.

Whether you require a particular accent, language or narrative, you can rely on our team to help. We can help you select the appropriate talent for your particular brand and get them in the booth before we get started on your final product.

The Right Match For Your Project

At Seven Infinity, we understand the importance of matching the right individual with the right role. We have strong connections within the industry as well as in-house voice over talent to ensure you get the right person for each project. We can provide you with several foreign languages including Swedish, Spanish and German, as well as children’s voices and industry professionals so we can meet your requirements. By utilizing the best voice talent around the globe, you can make sure you have the best individual for your particular video or voice advertisement.

High-Quality Recording

Your audio plays an important part in any media production and therefore it should be treated as so. It is often something overlooked by new companies in the industry and is a key reason for the failure of many advertisements. This is why we focus on providing you with the highest quality sound services. After helping you to find the best talent for your job, we allow you to make use of our state-of-the-art recording studio, designed to pick up the highest quality sounds and recordings.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of carefully selected voice over talent, combined with industry-leading sound and recording facilities. Throughout your sessions with our team, our experienced staff will help to manage all equipment for you, allowing you to focus on getting the voice acting right with each scene.

After your session has been completed, our mixing team will begin their work. They will help to ensure every voice has been picked up for every word, whilst applying the final touches to your recording. We will then send you a demo to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service!

Mixing For Perfection

Mixing can make the difference between a high-quality production that engages with your audience and one that simply doesn’t appeal. This is why our mixing teamwork around the clock to produce outstanding sounds no matter your video or promotion. We have worked with several big names from different industries, in which we have provided mixes for TV, theatre, the radio and much more. No matter how complex or simple your audio needs may be, the Seven Infinity team has you covered.

Now Is The Time To Get Started!

If you’re ready to upgrade your production with industry-leading sound effects, contact our team directly today. Located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, we can provide our services all around the globe ensuring great voice talent, quality recording, and professional mixing with each service.

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