Optimized videos that blur the lines between reality and perception.

At Seven Infinity, we have a fully equipped studio right here in our office. It’s used to create the perfect environment for each video our clients require, no matter their niche or expertise. It has been fully optimized for both sound and lighting, capturing the highest quality audio and video with each recording.

We Capture The Finest Details

Perfection In Each Frame

With each production we compete, we strive for nothing less than complete perfection. We focus on every area of the video, enhancing visuals, color, grading, lens flats, filtering and transitions to ensure that every pixel guarantees the best possible finished product.

Post Production Audio

Although we watch a video using our eyes, the audio of any clip has a significant impact. Whether this be for a film, TV commercial or video game, the quality of your video will have the greatest impact on the overall user experience. A common mistake made by new companies is that they overfocus on video quality, resulting in a fantastic video with poor audio support. The post-production audio team at 7 Infinity make sure you can avoid this mistake.

Though we are located in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, you don’t have to operate in the area to receive our support. We help US brands across the country to produce a quality production. Whether you own an upcoming sandwich shop in San Francisco, or you own a vehicle company in Chicago, our team can take care of your post-production audio needs.

Sound Design Services

Though we associate the sound we hear on a screen with the video itself, many sound effects are actually added post-production. From subtle ambience and music to dramatic sounds and intense songs, we have a plethora of sound effects in our sound library. These can be used to help build a particular mood or emotion in your video, creating that extra emotion to engage with your consumer.

Sound design is arguably one of the most important parts of the audio post-production phase. It helps to create long lasting emotion that stays with the viewer following the video itself. As a result, the best sound design can make a substantial difference to the overall quality of any video.

Additional Music Services

Often used in accordance with sound design, music is used to help build on emotions. At Seven Infinity, we can help you to produce original music or utilize production music to convey a particular message in your video.

Music has the same impact as sounds in your video clips and in certain clips can have an even greater impact. Some of the best-known promotions around the globe make use of music to dictate how an audience feels, whilst remaining in their mind after the clip has been watched.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is a service offered by our post-production team. It is also known as dubbing or looping and is used in order to replace someone’s voice in a video. This works great for animations as well as improving a particular piece of audio that wasn’t enhanced during the video production phase.

Sometimes, even with the best setups it can be difficult to record a high-quality audio. This is particularly the case if the set is outside. This is when ADR has a fantastic impact as it can be used to improve the audio of an entire scene, or simply a few sentences. Additionally, if you require your audio to be set up in another language, our team can record this for you and match it to your original video.

Leverage Our Wealth Of Experience in Production

Exciting Customers With Fantastic Cinematic Mastery

Capturing outstanding imagery that delivers your message.

Utilizing the unique skill set of our in-house production crew, we make sure that everything for your set is detailed to perfection. From the location itself, the lighting and cinematic scapes, you can rely on our team to capture breathtaking imagery with every shot.

Creating An Engaging Narrative

Producing stories that resonate with your audience.

No matter how amazing your footage may look, it will not appeal to your audience if the story lacks depth. The story helps to convey your message to your audience, creating engagement and interest that builds your brand value. Our team works hard throughout each stage of production to ensure that your narrative remains on point and engaging. Here are the various factors we take into consideration when creating any narrative.

  • Target Audience
  • Competitive Advantages

  • Brand or Product History

  • Concept Development

  • Pre-Production Shot Lists
  • Scripting All Dialogue

  • Directing Talent Expression and Delivery

  • Editing for Pace and Impact

  • Creative Shot Composition

  • Film “Look” or Appearance

  • Graphical Support

  • Soundtrack Development

Create Your Masterpiece

Begin production now by contacting our team directly.

Breathtaking Video Quality

Throughout production we make use of cinema-quality video to engage with your customers while simultaneously creating value and credibility around your brand. This helps to give you that competitive edge within the market.

A compelling, stimulating video can create an outstanding first impression that lasts with both your current clients and potential new customers.

From the initial script process to capturing the video for screen production, our team will use the best equipment that helps bring your brand to life. Whether using our in-studio green screen or an alternative location, our team has the experience, expertise and equipment to produce video at the highest level. Here are some of the scenes we can capture:

  • TV Commercial Production

  • Educational Videos

  • Short Films

  • Reality TV

  • Social Episodes

  • Product Launch Demos

  • Music Videos

  • Documentary

  • How-To-Videos

  • Testing Support

Custom Soundtrack Services

Our audio production team can help you to compose authentic soundtracks that perfectly frame your visual message.

Close your eyes and focus on the sounds you can hear. Does the music create your brand image and the mood of your production? If not, then changes need to be made in order to create a complete production. Our team utilizes their past experience to match sound to your picture so that it effectively engages with your customers.

Finishing Touches

It’s the final touches that can make or break a video. Our team can create an effect you need to polish off your production.

In certain video types, alternatives to images and music must be used. This is where our graphics team can help. Working directly with our Director, Cinematographer, and Editor, our team can produce original, interesting graphics to support dialogue and engage viewers at critical times throughout your video.

Video Production From Start To Finish

Let us bring your vision to life


Initial Consultation

Our team will conduct an initial interview process so we can discuss the aims and objectives of your video as well as inform you of what you can expect from our team.


Tailored Scripting Process

The key to any successful video is the script. Our content writers will begin writing a specially tailored, enticing video script based on your preferences and aims.


Video Production Process

After creating a script that has been approved by your team, our professional in-house video production team will begin the production of your video ensuring that we present your brand and message directly to the customer.


Post-Production Editing

Utilizing the latest video editing technology, our team will begin polishing your video and audio. We strive to perfect even the smallest detail, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned.


Effectively Promoting Your Content

There’s no point in having a fantastic video if nobody is able to find it. We can promote your video for you, ensuring it’s available at the top of search engines as well as promoted via social media platforms.

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