Professional Multimedia Services

As the world becomes more digitally focused than at any time in history, utilizing multimedia has become extremely important. To stand out in any market, you have to look the best, sound the best and be the best. This is where our multimedia services can help.

Audio/Video Production

Your customers will expect any video on your website to be of the highest quality. No matter your industry or niche, we can ensure it meets client expectations.

Making use of a fully equipped studio, our team can create the optimal environment for your video/ audio production. We cover everything from the sound, lighting and editing, allowing you to take care of the features on your video itself. We will capture every moment using the highest quality equipment, guaranteeing a perfect result each time you choose to work with us.

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7i audio video
7i photography

Photography Services

Within 2 seconds of being on your site, your customer will determine whether or not they want to buy from you. We can provide you with professional photographs that excite them the moment they enter your page.

Using the latest photography tools within our professional studio, we can create digital proofs and have them back to you shortly after your session with us. We offer a range of portrait collections, all of which can be customized with our popular products and print sizes. Each photo you take with us will be of the highest resolution with full copyright permission if required.

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Voiceovers & Jingles Service

Have you ever visited a website or started a video, only to leave due to an annoying song or theme tune? This is a mistake that many websites make, using a generic song which annoys their customers.

We can create a unique tune that sources up your site in a way that your customers will not forget. Making use of memorable hooks, we can create a catchy melody that works well in any format you require.

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7i voiceovers jingles

Engage With Your Audience

With a plethora of multimedia services available, you can take full advantage and engage with your customer base.