Logo Design Services

Your logo says a lot about your business. As you begin to expand and grow, your business will become recognised by its logo. As a result, spending time and money investing in your logo can provide you with huge returns. This is where we can help.

Our Process

The average logo design will take anything from two weeks to a month. While each design will make use of a similar process, each stage will be completely unique to your business. Here is how our process works.

* Need it sooner? You can pay a $500 rush fee and complete the process within 5 days.


Find a Logo Package That Suits You

We have multiple packages available so each client can find one that suits them. If you require any further information, feel free to contact our team directly.


Initial Ideas

Within one to two working days, our team will send you our logo design worksheet. This sheet has been carefully designed for you to present your ideas- what you want the design should look like, the colors you want to use and much more. We will then contact you again once you have submitted your sheet to discuss the design in greater depth.


First Logo Design

Based on your requirements, our team will design several unique logo concepts for you to analyse based on the information you have provided us.


Logo Revisions

Once we have sent you your logo design concepts, we will be waiting for your feedback. Based on this feedback, we will make additional revisions, changing everything from shapes, fonts and colors to meet your requirements.


Finalization Stage

After the revision phase, we will send you your finalized logo in several different formats. If you wish to use this logo on your social media profiles, we can also send you additional formats compatible with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Enjoy Your New Logo

With your new logo now in place, you can begin implementing it into your website, business cards, invoices and any other business-related material you need it for!

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser, longtime famed graphic designer and co-founder of New York magazine.

What you Can Expect From Seven Infinity

Throughout our years in the industry, our team has helped hundreds of brands produce successful logos. Combining creative advertising concepts with innovative marketing solutions, we focus on creating logos that are both exciting and memorable.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur looking for a logo for your first business, or a business owner looking to re-brand, you can rely on our team of experts to create a logo that captures the essence of your brand.

Through continuous innovation and dedication to our clients, we have discovered some of the most lucrative designs that entice a response in any audience.

We take pride in each logo we create, ensuring that it meets the every need of our client. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

Logo Design Packages

Each package has been designed and modified throughout the years to suit our range of clients. Upon purchase, our team will have you complete a logo design questionnaire to get started. We will then begin developing your vision, turning your dream logo into your real identity. If you can’t find a logo package that suits your needs, send our team a message and we will create a custom package tailored to you.

Deluxe Logo Package – $300 Each

Our deluxe logo package includes: One (1) Logo Design Concept; Three (3) rounds of feedback & revisions; $50 for each additional round of revisions.

Corporate Logo Package – $600 Each

Our corporate logo package includes: Three (3) Logo Design Concepts; Three (3) rounds of feedback & revisions; $50 for each additional round of revisions.

Enterprise Logo Package – $1000 Each

Our enterprise logo package includes: Five (5) Logo Design Concepts; Three (3) rounds of feedback & revisions; $50 for each additional round of revisions.

(Optional Add-On) Branding & Identity Consultation – $100/hr

If you would like professional assistance in the development of your brand identity we can help. This package provides you with the opportunity to bounce ideas off one of our professionals in order to develop a strategic plan for your long term brand.

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