iOS App Development Services

With over a decade of experience in the industry, the developers at Seven Infinity have created hundreds of apps for a range of iOS devices. Our in-depth knowledge and dedication to our work have allowed us to develop apps that are clean, engaging and impactful for a myriad of industries.

Apps Compatible With All Apple Devices

Whether you would like to build an app compatible for a single platform, or you would like us to design an app that works across all Apple devices, our team of highly skilled iOS app developers can design an app that suits your every need.

iPad App Development

Our iPad app developers can create an app that is both functional and clean, ensuring a seamless experience each time your customer logs on.

iPhone App Development

We will bring your iPhone app ideas to life, making use of innovative technologies combined with in-depth knowledge to create an app suitable for any niche.

iWatch App Development

Creating an iWatch app is no easy task. Our developers utilize their niche skill set to create an app with outstanding functionality which collaborates with other iOS devices.

Apple TV App Development

With Apple TV becoming more popular around the world, we can design and develop an app that takes full advantage of this expanding market.

Our Services

At Seven Infinity, our team of expert coders and programmers work around the clock to design apps that not only add value to your customer, but also enhance how your customer perceives your business.

Clean Technology

The market of technology has grown exponentially over the last decade and with this growth there has been a division over how technology is used. When it comes to iOS devices, it’s important that any technology used must be user friendly and extremely clean. The most successful iOS apps are known for their ease of use as well as their aesthetic on the screen itself.

Taking inspiration from this trend, our team will design an app that utilizes smart technology, without the hassle that comes with it. We will make sure that your app looks aesthetically pleasing and also provides a smooth experience that your customer enjoys. Here are some of the key aspects we focus on.

User-friendly Interface

Simple, clean, and concise navigation is key to the success and longevity of your app. We emphasize usability and create an experience that doesn’t frustrate or confuse; an experience that focuses on simplicity without sacrificing functionality. The best apps are often the simplest, and yours should be no exception. We’ll make sure all customers can use your app without issue.

Facial Recognition

Modern consumers want everything quickly and easily. The less time they waste staring at loading screens and tapping numbers, the less frustrated they will be. By utilizing the latest developments in facial recognition technology, we will implement security features that circumvent fiddly pin codes and open the app with a simple glance.

User-friendly Icon

An icon is as important to an app as a logo is to a company. Customers associate the icon with the app and the app with the business, making it an essential and often-overlooked part of the app development process. Our team of experts will design an icon that stands out on even the most cluttered home screens.

What Industries Can We Help?

As technology begins to impact every industry in one way or another developing an app has become more of a need than an option. Customers now expect easy access to your products and services and most would rather use an app than your website. We work with all industries ranging from Construction and FinTech to Healthcare and Retail. Contact us today to learn more!

Construction Healthcare Insurance Retail & eCommerce Travel & Hospitality Sports & Teams FinTech IoT Apps
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Our iOS App Development Process

App development is no easy process and will take a great deal of preparation no matter what iOS device you need it for. Whether this be an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, our team will guide you through the process of development, ensuring that we can provide you with an app that suits your every need.

Technologies We Leverage

Our iOS app developers make use of only the most up-to-date technology, ensuring that your app performs excellently no matter your niche. Here is some of the technology we use.

Urban Airship
Universal Analytics
RedLazer API
Payment Systems (PayPal, DataTrans)
Social Networking APIs

MacOS Sierra
MacOS Maverick


Apple Xcode IDE
Cocoa Touch
Apple UIKit Framework
Core Graphics
Core Animation
Core Audio
Core ML
React Native
Unity 3D
Apache Cordova
Cocoa Controls
Native SDK

MacOS Sierra
MacOS Maverick

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