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With a wealth of experience in the industry, the Seven Infinity team is known for their abilities to create excellent Android apps for even the most complex industries. Whether you require an app for smartphones, wearable devices or even TV’s, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution that runs seamlessly on every type of device.

Android App Development From Start To Finish

Our experts are trained to understand every aspect of the Android platform, from the very basics to the more complex coding. Cumulatively, we have worked on nearly every Android device, which has allowed us to develop our experience on any model you can imagine. As a result, we are able to create efficient apps that are tailored to your particular audience. The devices we work on include but are not exclusive to:

Android Mobile
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Android TV App

Android Tablet
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Android Wear App Development

Our Services

Our team of experts take pride in bringing real value to leading and upcoming enterprises, SMEs and self-funded startups from a myriad of industries.

Smart Technology

As technology continues to advance in regards to innovation, we make sure our apps stay ahead of the game. We provide our clients with the option to make use of smart technology in their app to effectively engage with customers and partners. We automate systems where possible, limiting the amount of work required by your team whilst ensuring that the highest level of service is provided 24/7.

Utilizing smart technology such as facial scanning and voice recognition can allow your Android app to stand out from the others in the market. Not only will your app be more user friendly, but it will also offer the highest level of engagement and satisfaction to all customers that use it. Here are some of the technologies we utilize in our apps:

Voice Recognition

Have you already started using the voice functionality on your Android device? From calling on Google to summoning Alexa, it is predicted that voice recognition will become our predominant form of searching online in the future. Implementing this technology into your own tech will surely keep you competitive and perhaps ahead of the market.

Facial Recognition

While several mobile devices now use facial recognition, many apps fail to do so. Facial recognition technology will become more an more prevalent as time progresses and technology evolves. Seven Infinity can make use of this technology in your app to enhance the user convenience.

Payment Shortcuts

This is a world filled with consumers who are on the go…taking care of tasks, errands, hauling the kids to events, running late to meetings, etc. Time is of the essence, especially in today’s time. With this, very few customers want to waste their time typing in their details every time they make a purchase. The talented developers at Seven Infinity can make this process fast and effective every time.

What Industries Can We Create Apps For?

With years in the industry of Android app development, we have worked on projects in a wide range of industries. From creating internal apps for a transport fleet, a booking system for a hotel and a range of eCommerce platforms, you can rely on us to meet your every need.

Construction Healthcare Insurance Retail & eCommerce Travel & Hospitality Sports & Teams FinTech IoT Apps

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The App Development Process

Our Android app development process has been carefully designed and modified over our years in the industry. We take pride in our streamlined process in which we will help create your app from start to finish, accompanied by our aftercare team.

Technology We Utilize

When it comes to our Android application development, we make use of only the most updated technology to produce our apps. By combining innovation with our wealth of experience, we make sure that your app has the best features in your industry. Here are some of the technologies we use:



Android SDK
Android NDK

React Native


Leverage our decade-long expertise in mobile app development.

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